entrance sign to Walt Disney World when you're driving in

Is There Uber At Disney World? + 3 Tips On How To Use It (2024)

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Want to know if there is Uber at Disney World?

With Disney World being twice the size of Manhattan (🀯) it can be hard to navigate, especially on your first visit.

There are so many transportation options to choose from that are complimentary like buses, monorails, boats, and even gondolas.

But what about ride share services like Uber and Lyft for those of us that just want to get from point A to point B without the hassle of mass transportation?

Here’s what you need to know!

entrance sign to Walt Disney World when you're driving in

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Is There Uber At Disney World?

The short answer is yes!

There is Uber at Disney World.

But there are a few things you may need to know before you just jump right in and order yourself an Uber.

βœ… Cost

Depending on where you’re going and when, the price can be dramatically different.

Some places you can get to for about $10-$15 each way, while others could be as much as $25 if you’re going from the farthest points of Disney property.

However, there is a thing called “surge pricing” where the base cost of your Uber will increase if there are not enough drivers to meet the demand.

In these cases, you could see your prices double or more.

The most typical time you’d expect to see surge pricing is when you’re trying to get an Uber around the time the theme park you’re visiting is closing.

For that hour or so afterwards, expect the price to be much higher than it was to get you there.

Additionally, price can change based off of the number of people you have if you need a larger vehicle.

Typically a family of 4 would only need a regular Uber, but any larger than that and you’ll need to take 2 separate Ubers or order one that fits the number of people in your party.

Also, don’t forget to factor in the cost of leaving a tip for your driver!

βœ… Travel Time

Travel time is essentially the same as it would be if you drove yourself.

Most places around Disney World you can get to in less than 15 minutes.

Some places on the farther ends of property like Animal Kingdom and Disney Springs could take closer to 15-25 minutes to get to with typical traffic.

Most Uber drivers around Disney World are very familiar with the property, which can shave a couple minutes off of their driving time since they know which lane to be in and when.

There are some times where driving times could be longer though.

For example, during special events like Marathon Weekends when there are temporary road closures, it could take 30 minutes to an hour or more to get to where you need to be.

Or if you’re being dropped off at a theme park for rope drop, it may take 5-10 more minutes to get through the entrance.

Additionally, if you’re being picked up at a theme park when the park is closing, it can take 5-10 minutes more time to get out of the parking lot.

βœ… Wait Time

For the most part, you will likely only need to wait about 5 minutes for your Uber to arrive for your pickup.

There are many moving parts to ride share services though so there could be extenuating circumstances where it could be 10-15 minutes, but you’ll always know right when you schedule your pickup how long it’ll be until your driver arrives.

I personally would always plan for a 15 minute buffer for waiting for my pick up, especially when I need to be somewhere at a specific time like a dinner reservation, just to be on the safe side.

Most others who have written about their experience using Uber at Disney World and people I’ve personally talked to have said Uber was a reliable way for them to get around and they generally only waited 5 minutes or less for their ride.

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    Minnie Vans – What Are They And How Do They Work?

    While planning your Disney World vacation you may have heard about “Minnie Vans”.

    These are official Disney ride share vans that you can use as an alternative to your typical Uber.

    The benefit of using Minnie Vans is that you’re getting a vetted Disney cast member to drive you and these vans hold 6 people instead of 4 in your average car.

    With Uber, you’d have to upgrade your ride if you have more than 4 people, which can cost quite a bit more depending on availability.

    Minnie Vans usually cost more overall though since they are owned and operated by Disney, they hold 6 people, and they have 2 car seats available if needed for no extra fee.

    Sometimes they’re cheaper though during surge pricing times or if you’re getting a larger vehicle.

    With the Minnie Vans, it’s just a flat $25 charge for wherever around Disney World you want to go.

    They do not do surge pricing like regular Uber or Lyft pickups.

    Minnie Van driving toward the Magic Kingdom pick up and drop off spot

    Minnie Vans Exclusive Access

    Minnie vans also have a little bit more access (and closer access) than taking a regular Uber.

    For example, Uber and Lyft will drop you off at the Transportation and Ticket Center if you’re wanting to go to Magic Kingdom, but the Minnie Vans can actually drop you off at the Magic Kingdom park entrance.

    However, you cannot take a Minnie Van to or from the airport.

    You’ll have to choose a regular Uber or Lyft to do that.

    Minnie Vans also offer wheelchair and ECV options, which is way less of a hassle than using the free Disney transportation like the buses, boats, and monorails.

    The way Minnie Vans work is actually directly through the Lyft app, which is Uber’s main competitor.

    You’ll need to use your My Disney Experience app or visit your Disney Resort Hotel concierge desk to activate this option.

    It’s the best option for families with children that want to use a ride share service but might not fully feel safe in an Uber or for anyone that’s just unfamiliar with Uber and just wants to do things the Disney way.

    Where To Use Uber in Disney World

    For the most part, you can use Uber to get just about anywhere you’d need to go at Disney World as a guest.

    You can take it between the theme parks, hotels, Disney Springs, the water parks, convention centers, Wide World of Sports, and more.

    Here are some tidbits about taking Uber to and from some of the most popular spots around Disney World.

    Magic Kingdom

    Technically speaking, Magic Kingdom is actually the one place at Disney World that Uber drivers cannot drop you off at or pick you up from, but let me explain.

    Traditionally, the way to get to Magic Kingdom when driving is through the Magic Kingdom toll plaza, which parks you out front of the Transportation and Ticket Center.

    From there, you take the ferry or monorail across the lagoon to the Magic Kingdom entrance.

    The same is true for Uber.

    If you put in “Magic Kingdom” as your destination, you will get dropped off at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

    Transportation and Ticket Center drop off for Magic Kingdom guests

    However, if you use Lyft and choose the “Minnie Van” option, only those vans can take you directly up to the Magic Kingdom park entrance like the official Disney World buses do.

    Some Uber users have been able to get around this system by setting their drop off point at Disney’s Contemporary Resort which is situated directly to the right of the Magic Kingdom park entrance, making it just a short walk from the drop off point.

    However, there have been some mixed results with this method depending on how busy the resort is and ongoing policy changes.

    Most of the time, you must have a dining reservation or mobile order pickup scheduled at the Contemporary in order for you to be dropped off at the Contemporary.

    If you think about this logistically, think of all the people getting dropped off at the major transportation hub that is the Transportation and Ticket Center.

    Now imagine all of those people getting dropped off at the Contemporary instead.

    The infrastructure is just not there.

    Cinderella Castle at Disney World's Magic Kingdom decorated in gold for the 50th celebration - at night time


    Epcot’s ride share location is much easier to navigate.

    If you’re taking an Uber to or from Epcot, the pick up and drop off location is right outside the park entrance where the Disney buses have their pick up and drop off location.

    Just be sure to follow the signage for “ride share” or the logos for Uber or Lyft.

    rideshare transportation sign at Epcot entrance

    Hollywood Studios

    Hollywood Studios works the same way.

    Uber will take you right up to the park entrance where all of the Disney buses drop off as well.

    Again, just follow any signage for ride share, Uber, or Lyft.

    The stop numbers change every so often, but it’s always clearly labeled and it’s usually one of the last bus stops.

    rideshare transportation sign at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Animal Kingdom

    With Animal Kingdom, the Uber pick up and drop off location is pretty straight forward.

    When you’re arriving at Animal Kingdom, you’ll be dropped off on the right side of the park entrance (the buses are on the left side).

    You’ll go back to that spot to be picked up when you’re ready.

    So when you’re exiting the park you’ll follow the signage to your left.

    lyft pickup sign at Disney's Animal Kingdom park

    Disney Springs

    Disney Springs has two locations where you can be picked up or dropped off by Uber.

    There’s the Marketplace bus loop and the West Side bus loop, both of which are on complete opposite ends of Disney Springs.

    Unless there is a specific thing you’re wanting to do at Disney Springs or you’re on a time crunch for a dining reservation, it really doesn’t matter which one you get dropped off at.

    What’s more important is that you’re at the correct spot for your pick up.

    rideshare transportation sign at Disney Springs Marketplace

    Blizzard Beach

    The water parks are much more relaxed than just about any other place on property.

    Uber can drop you off right at the water park entrance.

    There’s not nearly as many bus stops as the theme parks have so it’s easier to find the ride share signage and you don’t have to walk very far at all.

    Just be courteous to your Uber driver and their car when you’re leaving and dry off completely before ordering your pickup.

    Blizzard Beach entrance

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    Typhoon Lagoon

    Typhoon Lagoon works the same as Blizzard Beach.

    You’ll get dropped off right at the entrance at the ride share stop.

    There aren’t a ton of bus stops, so it would be very hard to get lost.

    Again, dry off completely before ordering your Uber when you’re leaving so you’re not leaving their seats all wet.

    Also if there’s any sand on you, rinse it all off to the best of your ability before getting in the car.

    There are actual shower houses in the water park and the outside shower heads to rinse off if needed.

    Typhoon Lagoon rideshare pickup sign

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    Disney World Resort Hotels

    Disney World has over 25 resort hotels and I think it would be a little tedious to break down each one here.

    They’re all similar enough that a blanket explanation should suffice.

    If you ever have questions about your specific resort, you can always ask concierge, bell services, the front desk, or refer to the map on the Uber app.

    So, when being picked up or dropped off by an Uber at a resort hotel, you can generally go out to the main entrance of the hotel like you would if you were checking in.

    There’s usually a separate lane labeled for ride share, taxis, and shuttles.

    Some of the larger resort hotels can have rooms that are pretty far from the main entrance, so you can always ask your Uber driver to pick you up outside of your building or near the closest bus stop to your resort if you’re unable to walk to the lobby of your hotel.

    The resorts that have these options should have labels inside the Uber app making it clear which spot you’re wanting to be picked up or dropped off.

    You should be able to see your building name or number or the section of the resort you’re staying in – whichever one applies to your situation.

    Disney's Yacht Club Resort rideshare pickup location

    Wide World of Sports

    If you’re visiting Disney World as part of a sporting event or maybe there’s just a one-off event you’re attending at Wide World of Sports, you can absolutely take an Uber here.

    It’s listed right in the Uber app as the “Wide World of Sports Complex”.

    Depending on the event, there may be additional signage upon arrival for a specific building you may need to go to, but you’ll just have to play that by ear when you arrive.

    It’s not too large or spread out where it would be hard to navigate, so it’s definitely not something I would stress about, but maybe just give yourself some extra time to figure out exactly where you’re going.

    ESPN Wide World of Sports globe logo entrance

    How To Use Uber In Disney World

    Now for the nitty gritty.

    Here is exactly how to get Uber and use it during your visit to Disney World.

    What is Uber and How Does it Work?

    We’ve been talking all about where to take Uber around Disney World, how much it costs, and how long it takes, but what exactly is it and how does it work?

    Uber is a ride share service like Lyft or taxis.

    They all essentially work in the same way.

    With Uber (and with Lyft), you just download the app on your phone, set up your account, then you’re ready to order your pick up whenever you’d like.

    Here is the step by step process, with some extra tidbits that you’re probably already wondering about.

    How To Sign Up For Uber

    The first thing you’ll need to do is download the Uber app.

    It’s available on Google Play (for Android devices) and the App Store (for Apple devices).

    This will trigger the automatic sign up process.

    The app will ask for your phone number, name, and email address.

    It will also send you a code to verify your phone number since that is the main data point attached to your account.

    Before you’re able to order or schedule an Uber you’ll need to attach a valid debit or credit card to your account.

    If you have a gift card that you purchased or was gifted to you, now is a good time to load that into your app as well so that you can use it on your first ride.

    If you have the time, feel free to go through the walk-through set up on the home page of the app.

    It’ll ask if there’s any safety features you want to enable and you can upload a profile picture as well, but this part isn’t essential to being able to use the service.

    How To Order and Schedule An Uber

    Once your account is set up, click on the “home” tab.

    βœ”οΈ Pickup Location

    Enter your pickup location.

    Uber app home page where you can insert your pick up location
    my Uber app home page

    You can either search the specific name of the place you’re at like “Animal Kingdom Lodge” or if you know the address you’re at you could enter that as well.

    It’s important to have your location services turned on for this app because the map will make sure you’re clicking a pickup location that you’re actually at.

    For example, if you’re being picked up from Magic Kingdom, you’ll need to be at the Transportation and Ticket Center to order your ride or know that you’ll be able to get there in time because the Uber cannot come to the Magic Kingdom park entrance.

    Your little dot on the map will show you if you’re at the pickup location you’re selecting.

    βœ”οΈ Drop Off Location

    Once you have your pickup location determined, select your drop off location.

    Enter whichever theme park, resort hotel, or any other destination you’re headed to either by name or the physical address if you know it.

    βœ”οΈ Choose The Type of Ride You Need

    From there, it’ll show you the cost of the ride, plus some potential ride options.

    For example, as I’m writing this at 7 pm on a random Thursday, if I put into Uber that I want a ride from Disney’s Polynesian Resort over to Disney Springs at the Marketplace bus loop, this is what I’ll see.

    Uber app page once you've selected your pickup and drop off location showing ride options and pricing
    my Uber app page when selecting my pricing options

    Since it’s just my husband and I that travel together I don’t necessarily need the UberXL that sits 6 people.

    The Comfort option is newer cars with extra legroom for those that need it.

    UberX is just your typical Uber ride and is generally going to be the most affordable option.

    Additionally, there will sometimes be an option for Car Seat XL which has 1 car seat.

    If you’re being really frugal, you can also choose UberX Share which is exactly what it sounds like.

    You’d be sharing your ride with others going to the same area.

    For the most part, I recommend just choosing UberX unless you really need or want the other options.

    βœ”οΈ Evaluate Costs and Wait Time When Choosing Your Ride

    I can see on the screen pictured above that it’ll take 2-3 minutes for my driver to arrive.

    There’s also a flash promo, making my ride cheaper (probably because I haven’t used it in awhile).

    I can also see what my ride options are in comparison to the price.

    So it will cost me anywhere from about $11-$26 + tip to get from the Polynesian to Disney Springs right now depending on what I choose.

    βœ”οΈ Can I schedule a ride in advance?


    You follow the same steps as before, but when you get to the page where you pick your ride, click the logo of the clock over the car in the bottom right.

    It will take you to this page where you can choose your time.

    You can see at the bottom that there is free cancellation up to an hour before your scheduled pickup if your plans change.

    Uber app page where you can schedule your ride

    Riding In An Uber – How do I know which vehicle to get into?

    Once you’ve selected your ride, the app will show you your driver’s picture, name, car make, car model, car color, and the license plate number.

    It is HIGHLY recommended to confirm all of these things match up before getting into your Uber.

    Many times your Uber driver will call or text you when they’re on their way to confirm you’re at the pickup location or to ask any questions.

    This is when you can communicate anything else you may possibly need them to know or you can also ask questions as well.

    You can set up a safety feature where the driver has to verify a PIN with you if you want that added precaution, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

    Once you’re in the Uber, feel free to chat up your driver or not, it’s totally up to you.

    Some drivers are chattier than others.

    Overall, just be courteous and you’ll be all set!

    You can follow along the route on your Uber app if you’d like as well so that you know they’re taking you to the right place.

    Can I pay with cash for Uber and Lyft rides?


    Payments will be automatically paid through whichever payment method you set up your account with whether it’s a debit card, credit card, or gift card.

    How To Tip Your Uber Driver

    You can give your Uber driver a cash tip or you can add it in at the end of your ride.

    When your ride is complete, you’ll get a notification on your Uber app to rate your ride and leave a tip.

    It’s recommended to leave a generous tip for a variety of reasons, but for most trips around Disney World you really only need to tip around $2-$5.

    If you think about it, the example I showed earlier was an $11 ride from the Polynesian to Disney Springs, so it wouldn’t really make sense to leave a $10 tip unless you genuinely had the money or felt called to for any reason.

    Top 3 Tips For Using Uber at Disney World

    To summarize everything we’ve talked about so far, here are our top 3 tips for using Uber at Disney World whether you’re a first time user or a seasoned user.

    1. When To Consider Using Uber at Disney World

    If you’re on a time crunch and can’t afford to wait 20 minutes for the next bus and then go around to multiple bus stops before reaching your destination, consider using Uber.

    This is especially likely if you have an early morning breakfast reservation.

    Usually you’ll wait about 5 minutes or less for your Uber to arrive and there are no stops in-between your destination.

    If you have someone in your group that has special needs, consider using Uber.

    It may be less overwhelming for them to take a private vehicle around property than to be on a full bus or monorail.

    Of course if you have your own vehicle or rental car, that’s probably even better.

    If you’re traveling between two Disney resort hotels that aren’t connected to each other, definitely consider using Uber.

    For example, if you have a dining reservation or you’re going to a show like Yeehaw Bob, there is no bus transportation between the Disney hotels.

    You’d have to take the bus to a park and then take another bus to your hotel.

    In some circumstances, some of the resort hotels are connected by boat, gondola, or monorail.

    In those cases you don’t really need to use Uber unless there’s thunderstorms in the area that could close your other transportation options.

    2. Compare Rates Between Ride Share Services

    We’ve mostly only talked about Uber in this post, but Lyft is another major ride share service.

    Lyft is the app you’d use for the Minnie Vans or just for your regular ride share.

    It’s a good idea to have both Lyft and Uber, then you can compare prices between the two each time you need to go somewhere and you could save a substantial amount of money by the end of your trip.

    It’s also a good idea to have everyone in your group do this because like my screenshots earlier in this post show, sometimes you can be offered a flash sale promo and save even more money.

    3. Understand Policies Around Canceling Rides, Penalties You Could Incur, and How To Raise Disputes

    Sometimes once you’ve already ordered your Uber, there could be a change in plans where you need to cancel your ride.

    In that case, there could be a monetary penalty to compensate the driver that has already spent time driving to your location to pick you up.

    Every once in awhile there are miscommunications with a driver or they’re unable to get to you for some reason.

    In these cases you can request a refund of the penalty that is charged since it was at no fault of your own.

    Additionally, there could be a higher charge than what you were originally quoted if your driver makes a wrong turn or just doesn’t follow the directions.

    In these circumstances you can also request the price to be adjusted to what you were originally quoted.

    These issues should be few and far between though.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about using Uber at Disney World.

    ➑️ Are there Uber car seats at Disney World?

    Yes, sort of.

    It’s a specific option you can select when choosing your Uber, but it’s not always available.

    When it is available, it’s also just one car seat.

    A better option for car seats is to order a Minnie Van through the Lyft app.

    It’s a $25 flat fee for wherever you’re going around Disney World and it always comes with 2 car seats.

    Personally, if car seats were needed I would just stick to Disney’s complimentary transportation options since car seats are not needed on buses, monorails, or boats.

    ➑️ How early can you Uber for rope drop?

    In general, parking for the theme parks open 1 hour prior to park opening, which includes early entry.

    So if early entry begins at 8:30 am, the parking lot will open at 7:30 am and that is also when Uber will be allowed to drop guests off at the theme parks.

    However, there are some ways around this.

    With parks like Epcot and Hollywood Studios you can walk right up to the entrance from the Boardwalk area hotels (Boardwalk, Yacht Club, Beach Club, Swan, Dolphin), so you could get dropped off at any of those earlier than 1 hour before park opening if you wanted and just walk to the parks.

    With Magic Kingdom you can’t really do this because the Contemporary is where you would need to be dropped off and they generally don’t allow Uber drop offs unless you have a dining reservation or a mobile order pickup.

    ➑️ Are Uber and Lyft easy to use at Disney World?


    It may take a little getting used to with navigating the apps, but once you’ve done a couple rides it’ll be like muscle memory.

    Honestly the hardest part is finding the exact pick up location at the theme parks since it can change slightly from time to time.

    Luckily, it’s going to be the same place you were dropped off if you took an Uber to the park, so you just go back there.

    You can also always ask Guest Relations, any transportation cast members, sometimes Security knows, or really any cast member.

    If they don’t know the answer they’ll know where to direct you to get your answer.

    ➑️ Is Uber or Lyft better at Disney World?

    To be honest, most users tend to prefer Lyft over Uber.

    JP has pretty much only ever used Lyft and I use them interchangeably depending on the price and time.

    In general, most people tend to experience that Lyft has more availability (shorter wait times), better maps on the app, better drivers, and is just all around easier to use.

    The benefit of using Lyft is that they also offer the Minnie Van option which is operated by Disney cast members.

    ➑️ Should I use ride share, or just rent a car?

    This really depends on how much you’re willing to spend on either one and if you’re wanting to drive at all while you’re at Disney.

    For us, we use Disney’s complimentary transportation 99% of the time when we’re staying at Disney resort hotels.

    Sometimes we’ll drive to Disney Springs since it’s free to park there or if we’re going between resorts we’ll drive, but other than that Disney transportation has everything we need.

    But, if you need something beyond that and you’re torn between ride share and renting a car, break down the pros and cons.

    With renting a car you need to factor in the price of the rental, gas, tolls depending on where you’re driving it from, parking costs at the resort and at the parks, and the fact you’d have to drive.

    But you’d also be able to bring your car seats and anything else you might need or want to have available to you.

    Uber can still potentially cost a lot of money if you’re taking it twice a day, leaving a decent tip, needing rides during surge pricing times, or need to upgrade to a larger vehicle or a vehicle with a car seat.

    If you just need to get a couple places and you don’t have any special circumstances, ride share is more practical.

    ➑️ Is ride share or Mears Connect better at Disney World?

    Mears Connect is an airport shuttle that you can take between Disney World and MCO, Orlando’s airport.

    For airport pickups, ride share services will charge a small fee, but not for airport drop-offs.

    So I’d just compare pricing to see which one is more affordable or which one fits your needs best.

    There are many private airport transfer companies as well where you can book your roundtrip transportation well in advance, hassle free.

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    Pros For Using Uber at Disney World

    • The main pro of using Uber at Disney World is that it is generally faster than Disney’s complimentary transportation, especially because buses usually run every 20 minutes or so and the average wait for an Uber is less than 5 minutes.
    • Private transportation as opposed to mass transportation can be a plus if that’s something that makes your life easier or less stressful.
    • Uber is available 24/7 and Disney transportation is not.

    Cons Against Using Uber at Disney World

    • It costs money, while Disney’s transportation is free.
    • It’s not as safe as Disney transportation because Uber drivers are not vetted to the extent that Disney cast members are.
    • Some Uber drivers are not familiar with the area, while Disney bus drivers and others in transportation are heavily trained on every inch of the property.

    The Wrap-Up: Is There Uber At Disney World?

    Taking an Uber at Disney World is one of the many transportation options available to you during your stay.

    While it can be pricey considering all other Disney transportation is completely free, it could save you some time if you need to be somewhere at a particular time or after normal hours.

    You can take an Uber pretty much anywhere you would need to go at Disney World, so it’s definitely a great option if you’re considering it for your trip, though definitely not a necessity.

    For more information on planning and booking your Disney World vacation, check out our Resources page.